Cathodic Marker (CP20)

The VUS CP20 Cathodic Line Marker uses the components of our H41 Bullet marker but includes our unique JacKnife terminal. This provides the benefit of a completely functional Cathodic Test Station and doubles as a line marker at the same time.

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JacKnife Terminal

Vulcan’s JacKnife terminal board uses the industry standard connection layout. The JacKnife terminal fits inside the marker and is sized so that the Bullet Head fits over the terminal and post. The Bullet Head is then attached with a through bolt, nut, and washer.

The JacKnife terminal can easily be removed from the post to make all test point connections. It is then easily installed on the marker post, with the gripping rings securing a tight fit. Stainless steel hardware to make up to 5 connections is included on each JacKnife terminal.

  • Utilizes the industry standard connection hole pattern.
  • Made from Ultra High Impact ABS
  • Fits inside the 3.5" O.D. post
  • Allows for a CP test station to double as a line marker
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