Custom E-commerce Solutions




Supply Chain activities have changed over the years to reduce time, energy, cost and now more than ever security of the transaction. We interact with several companies in various ways, each of them tailored to the customer. Our specialized team will listen to your needs and concerns then work together to determine a strategy that best suites you and your organization.

The benefit of these solutions helps:

  • Simplify the buy function
  • Users search and select the items needed
  • Standardize your signage across all assets
  • Improve purchasing efficiency hence reduce costs

PunchOut Catalog

A PunchOut allows a customer to connect directly to their unique Vulcan products catalog through their own ERP system. This enables a user to make purchases of a supplier’s approved products through the buyers own procurement application. This allows for capturing the usage, spend data and history for budgeting. This will save time, reduce errors, and utilizes one platform.

Customized Webstore

A Customized Webstore is designed specifically for a specific customer. We design a webstore specifically for your company populated with Vulcan’s approved products and at your special pricing. A customized webstore provides the same benefits as a PunchOut, but it is not integrated into your ERP system. In this case Vulcan can generate usage and spend reports as needed. The webstore is only accessible by designated people within your organization and each user will have a unique sign on and password. No one will even know the store exists except you and Vulcan.