QUV Testing
Guaranteed Outdoor Durability

We refer to all our signs and markers as “outdoor durable”. Simply put, they are made to last in the outdoor environment. As such we continually test and evaluate all components used in our process along with new products in the marketplace. We do this with controlled procedures using a QUV Accelerated Weather tester along with an outdoor test deck south facing at 45 degrees.

Our QUV has been part of our R&D/Quality Assurance Program for over 24 years.

Our in-house QUV Accelerated Weathering Tester is used to test all components of a product, including inks, films, adhesives, and substrates. As the name implies, the tester "accelerates" the test, providing data long before outdoor samples yield results. This enables us to evaluate the outdoor durability of products and introduce them into the market sooner, rather than later. QUV testing is the industry standard for outdoor weather testing. We operate our tester in conformance with ASTM G.53.

The question we get asked the most is, “How long will the sign last?” With so many factors that affect lifespan, there isn't a blanket timeframe we can give to everyone.

However, all factors have one thing in common which is the amount of UV light / radiation from the sun the product is exposed to. South Arizona is much worse than Northern Minnesota!

Our South Facing at 45 degrees Test Deck