Triangular Markers

Our triangular marker provides a full 3.5” target for visibility. Our triangular marker is the Vulcan DELTA Marker. These markers have messages on all three sides.

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They are an excellent choice for marking underground utilities as a:

  • Natural Gas Marker
  • Petroleum Marker
  • Fiber Optic Marker
  • Water Line Marker
  • Electric Marker
  • Waterline Marker

Each of the commodities above can be further identified by choosing the corresponding APWA affiliates suggested color coding. The printed message can also be in several contrasting colors including colors of your corporate name and logo.

Our DELTA markers are made from special formulated High-Density Polyethylene, HDPE. The colors of the marker post are available in the standard colors shown below. The closure cap can be in matching or in a contrasting color.

We print your custom message onto outdoor durable vinyl film and apply all the way around the marker.

Clip Anchor

192 / 195 footnote

“All messages on our markers used to mark hazardous buried pipelines are designed to comply with CFR parts 192.707 and 195.410”