Line Marker Signs

Vulcan's Line Marker Signs are a leading product in our quality-driven product line. A WARNING sign is the first line of defense when it comes to protecting your buried pipeline or fiber optic lines.

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Vulcan is known for its Line Marker signs. We use aluminum alloy 5052-H38 a full hard alloy that is made in our Aluminum Mill. This results in the strongest substrate against bending.


The message of our Line Marker signs is screen printed using extensively researched outdoor durable inks and coatings.

Common sizes for rectangle line marker signs are 12” x 9”, 12” Sqr., 10” x 14” and 11 ¾” round. Unique-shaped signs provides further differentiation in the field. The thickness of aluminum is customer specific but normally .050 inches thick and corners rounded for safety.

All petroleum line markers will be made in accordance with Federal Regulations 192.707 and 195.410

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