Fiberglass Composite

Vulcan's Drivable Marker (DRV) is the best flexible fiberglass product professionals prefer when strength, reliability and visibility are demanded. Our DRV has the highest fiberglass content that guarantees strength to maintain being upright and not sag. The big advantage is they are very rigid to drive in most soil conditions. However, the DRV does rebound back when hit.

Standard lengths are 66” and 72”.

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Premium color pigments and Ultraviolet Inhibitors are throughout each marker providing long term color retention without the need of any additional coating. We suggest using the APWA color coding for choosing your DRV color.

  • Gas & Petroleum: Yellow
  • Fiber Optic: Orange
  • Water: Blue
  • Electric Power: Red

The Message

The custom message is printed onto outdoor durable vinyl film with a protective overlay for outdoor durability before application in a controlled environment.

VF-105 Installation Driver
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