Waterway Signs

Vulcan's Waterway Signs provide a WARNING to boats, barges, and big marine craft of the presence of a pipeline. These are patterned after a Federal Regulation that was struct from the code.

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Vulcan’s Waterway Warning signs are large and can be made up of multiple panels. We use aluminum alloy 5052-H38 a full hard alloy for superior strength. The aluminum thickness is recommended to be 0.090” thick due to their larger size. The decoration or message is the same as our Line Marker signs.

The width of the waterway should be taken into consideration when selecting the overall size of the Waterway sign for visibility and legibility. A sign on both side of the waterway is a recommended best practice. The table below provides guidance.

Multiple Panel Sign will need horizontal mounting supports. We have heavy steel uprights and can supply each as a kit.

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