H41 Cathodic Markers

Vulcan’s H41 Cathodic Marker provides the benefit of a complete functional Cathodic Test station and doubles as a line marker at the same time! The VUS H41 Cathodic Marker uses the components of our H41 Bullet marker and includes an industry standard CP Test Station mounted on the top.

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CP Test Station Features:

  • Fit a 3.5” OD riser pipe and our H41 Marker Post
  • UV Stabilized Color protection
  • High Impact resistance
  • 5 Stainless Steel binding post assembled to Terminal Board
  • 11-hole standard terminal board
  • 6 different colors

H41 Marker Post

The printed sleeve mounted just under the CP Test station is made from special formulated HDPE with special color pigments and UV inhibitors. The print sleeve can be decorated with more than one color.

The marker post is made with the same HDPE as the printed sleeve above. Standard lengths are 6’ and 8’ and custome lengths are available.

Additional markings to signify that the line marker is also a Cathodic Test station can be achieved in several ways as shown below.