Vulcan H41 Cathodic Test Station

Vulcan H41 Cathodic Test Station

Vulcan Cathodic Protection Test Stations are the trusted source when looking to combine the features of a DOT compliant line marker and accommodate testing for corrosion. The H41 Cathodic Test Station utilizes specially formulated High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipe with UV inhibitors. It offers a true 360° WARNING message that is sure to demand attention. Various color combinations of the HDPE sleeve and marker post can specify the commodity below, as well as compliment your company's colors.

Vulcan H41 Cathodic Test Station 1

There are three decorating options available for the H41 Cathodic Line Marker. Each option involves the capability of being screen printed with a complete WARNING message, along with operator name and phone number to ensure compliance with The Department of Transportation's Code of Federal Requirements for a line marker. The three decorating options include the following:

HDPE Sleeve (See photo at left)
Thin Gauge Aluminum Wrap Sign (See photo at right)
Outdoor Wrap Around Decal
  • WARNING message is screen printed using our superior Color Matched Component Ink System providing maximum longevity of the message.
  • Available colors include White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Green and Black. Custom colors available upon request.
  • The length of the Cathodic Test Station can vary depending on your needs. The most common length is 6' long, which comes with a barb anchor to secure the marker in place.
  • Your Cathodic leads can be routed up the inside of the post for attachment to the terminals.
Vulcan H41 Cathodic Test Station 2

Features and Benefits

  • The Test Station doubles as a line marker.
  • Consistent look in marking of the entire run.
  • Easy access to terminals since they are approximately 4 feet above the ground instead of ground level.
Vulcan H41 Cathodic Test Station 4
Vulcan Cathodic Test Heads

Our rugged Cathodic Test Heads are injection molded from high impact UV stabilized polycarbonate plastics which insures maximum strength and guards against failure due to prolonged exposure to sunlight. Tools are not required to install these Cathodic Test Heads.

  • Test Head colors include Orange, Red, Yellow, Green, Black, Dark Blue, White and Light Blue.
  • No. 3 for use with 3 1/2" OD Risers.
  • No. 1 for use with 1 1/2" OD Risers.

Our marking products comply with the CFR-49-192.707 and CFR 49-195.410 requirements.

For more information on the Vulcan H41 Cathodic Test Station, refer to the specifications sheet on our Downloads page.