Vulcan HDPE Line Marker Signs

Vulcan HDPE Line Marker Signs

Vulcan High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is a very durable alternative to aluminum for line marker signs. It has the same capabilities as aluminum in terms of longevity outside and the ability to be die-cut into different shapes. The standard thickness for HDPE is .110". Other thicknesses are available.

Vulcan HDPE signs are screen printed with matched component inks for maximum durability.

Vulcan HDPE Line Markers
Advantages of HDPE
  • Excellent durability in both hot and cold temperatures.
  • Impervious to most chemicals.
  • Stability in outdoor applications.
  • Variety of colors and thicknesses.
  • Accepts numerous decorating techniques and enhances unique graphic designs.
  • Environmentally friendly in production.
  • Recyclable for use in secondary applications or producing high-energy fuels.
  • Available colors include Yellow, Red, White, Blue, Green and Orange.
Vulcan Max-View Marker
Vulcan 3-way warning signs1
Vulcan 3-way warning signs2
Vulcan 3-way warning signs3
Vulcan 3-way warning signs4
Vulcan 3-way warning signs5

Vulcan Max-View Markers provide ultimate 360° visibility for the protection of underground pipeline and fiber optic lines. Its unique design offers a place for 4 different warning messages to be displayed. The layout provides ample space to display multi-lingual messages.

  • Messages are screen printed directly onto the durable HDPE material, eliminating the need for a decal.
  • The length is 22".
  • Available colors include Yellow, Red, White, Blue, Green and Orange.
  • The Vulcan Max-View Marker is easily attached to a post with rivets or screws.

For more information on Vulcan HDPE Line Marker Signs, refer to the specification sheet for Vulcan HDPE on our Downloads page.