Vulcan Waterway Markers

Vulcan Waterway Markers

Vulcan Waterway Markers provide ultimate protection for lines buried under waterways. Reflective sheeting can be applied to maximize nighttime visibility.

Our waterway markers are myanufactured using .090" thick 5052-H38 aluminum alloy, screen printed with Color Matched Component Inks, and protected by a UV clear coat.

Panels are fabricated to mount to a supporting structure, such as fabricated sign frames, horizontal zee bars or vertical uprights.

Multiple panel signs are typically installed using horizontal zee bars. All zee bars are punched to mount on sign panels and vertical uprights.

Vulcan Utility Signs can fabricate a complete welded aluminum frame utilizing zee bars and aluminum angle to customer specifications. Ready-made sign frames such as these, reduce installation time and labor costs.

All hardware needed for mounting can be included with each sign.

We offer a complete standard package to mark any river crossing. This package includes:

  • Two 8'x4' signs
  • Four 14'-3# galvanized u-channel post (vertical support)
  • Four 8'-2# galvanized u-channel post (horizontal bracing)
  • All mounting hardware with installation instructions.

Custom sign packages are available as well.

Vulcan Waterway Markers

Below is the typical construction detail as viewed from the back of the sign. This illustrates the use of 3" Zee Bar for horizontal bracing. Signs of other sizes follow the same pattern. Contact us for complete details and drawings for your requirements.

Vulcan Waterway Markers2 v2
# of
# of
4'2'300'14' x 2'2
6' 3' 450' 1 6' x 3' 2
8' 4' 600' 1 8' x 4' 2
12' 6' 900' 3 4' x' 6' 3
12' 8' 1100' 3 4' x 8' 3
16' 8' 1250' 4 8' x 4' 4
Vulcan Waterway Markers3 v2

For more information on Vulcan HDPE Line Marker Signs, refer to the specification sheet for Vulcan HDPE on our Downloads page.