Vulcan Underground Tape

Vulcan Underground Tape

Use Vulcan Underground Tape as a last resort of damage prevention. Custom colors and messages are available. Detectable tape is another alternative when it comes to locating your buried lines.

Vulcan Underground Tape2

Vulcan Underground Tape is the most effective product currently available for protecting your buried utilities from dig-ins. Its six ply construction provides the unique combination of high-strength, high puncture resistance and superb elongation allowing it to stretch out of the ground across the backhoe's bucket without breaking.

Vulcan Underground Tape3
Vulcan Underground Tape4

Any style tape is available with the message "CAUTION GAS LINE BURIED BELOW" in 3" x 1000' or 6" x 1000' rolls. Custom imprints with your company's name, logo or message are available. Call for details!