Vulcan H41 Line Marker

Vulcan H41 Line Marker

The Vulcan H41 Right of Way Marker is the most versatile line marker in the industry today. This pipeline marker is made from specially formulated, UV protected, High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). The line marker provides 360° visibility and can be adapted several ways to meet your requirements.

The most common application of the H41 Right of Way Marker is to apply a premium vinyl wrap decal to a 3 1/2" OD post along with a top cap and anchor. Our standard wrap decal repeats your message three times for true 360° coverage. For additional nighttime visibility the wrap decal can be made from Engineer Grade reflective sheeting.

A more durable application would be to substitute a thin gauge aluminum wrap sign for the wrap decal. This application takes advantage of the proven thermoset polyester ink system in a 360° application. The wrap sign is roll-formed and then mechanically fastened to the post. The most durable application is a bullet top which also employs numerous decorating options for use in virtually any field situation.

A U-Channel stub post may be used for quicker installation. The post allows a 2#/foot U-Channel section to be driven into the soil then a shorter version of the H41 line marker can be attached to the stub. The U-Channel post makes this application very sturdy (see drawing below).

Vulcan H41 Marker 1
Vulcan H41 Marker 5
Vulcan H41 Marker 2
Vulcan H41 Marker 3
Vulcan H41 Marker 4
  • WARNING message is screen printed using our superior Color Matched Component Ink System providing maximum longevity of the message.
  • Pipe colors include Yellow, Blue, White and Orange. Custom colors available upon request.
  • Standard lengths for this line marker are 6 ft. and 8 ft. with custom lengths also available.
  • Once the wrap sign or decal has been screen printed, it is assembled to the base post and a rain cap is added.

Our marking products comply with the CFR-49-192.707 and CFR 49-195.410 requirements.