Marking Flags

When communication is vital, our Marking Flags are ideal! These flags are also referred to as “Wire Flags,” “Pin Flags” or “Stake Flags.” Our flags are manufactured in a range of sizes, long-lasting colors, and custom imprint. There are no Set Up costs, and we keep the artwork on file for easy re-ordering!

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  • Flag Dimensions: 4” x 5” [HxW] Most common size
  • Flag Material: 4-mil Vinyl
  • Material Colors: Standard APWA colors
  • Weatherability: Fade and Water Resistant
  • Attachment: Flag is fastened to stake with glue for durability
  • Order Increment: 1000 per box for wire and fiberglass shafts

Stake Types and Lengths

  • Wire: 18”, 21”, 24”, 30”, 36”. 30” is the most common length
  • Plastic: 18” and 24”
  • Fiberglass: 18”

FT-12 Installation Tool

Our FT-12 Flag Installation Tool makes getting wire flags into the ground much easier. Simply lay the flag on the ground and position the hardened steel forked end 1” from the end of the wire stake. Push on the tool so the forked end goes into the ground a couple of inches. The result is that the short end of the wire stake bends back forming an anchor while securing the flag in place. The tool has the capability of carrying many flags.

Need More Visibility?

Our 12” square flags on a 6’ fiberglass staffs solve the problem. These are helpful when needing to mark areas of high vegetation or when visibility is paramount. These flags can be printed on both sides for English and Spanish.

A 4” x 5” compared to a 12” square flag