Bent Style Aerial Markers

Vulcan's Bent Style Aerial Markers were developed to combine strength, durability, and efficiency in a compact design. One of the benefits of this innovative design is the ability of these markers to nest when shipped, stored, and transported.

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The integral component of our Bent Style Aerial Marker is the laser fabricated internal aluminum plate which is then CNC formed at 45 degrees on either side. Each aerial plate is attached to the Bent Frame using special blind rivets.

The width of the Bent Frame is dependent on the number of Aerial Plates to be used. The Bent Style is cleanly open which is a determent for insects’ nests.

Our Aerial Marker Post is designed to mate with our Bent Style Aerial Markers. The 10’ x 2 3/8” steel galvanized post has a plate welded atop to assemble the Bent Frame. We have several mounting adaptors for other type posts or existing posts in the field.

Aerial Plates

Our Aerial Plates are made from .050 full hard aluminum and laser fabricated for exactness. Each plate is printed with our outdoor durable ink system for long life. Our standard size plate is 12” wide x 16” tall with a 14” tall character.