1.12# / Foot U-Channel Sign Posts

Vulcan’s U Channel Sign Posts are the best post in the industry! This size post is sometimes called a delineator post.

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Vulcan’s 1.12#/ft Steel U-Channel post is made from High Carbon, Hot rolled steel. Each post is punched with 3/8” diameter holes on 1” centers providing even inch centers for sign mounting. Our u-Channel post comes in three types of finishes.

  • Green Painted
  • Hot Dip Galvanizing
  • Powder Coating

Our 1.12#/foot post is the perfect choice for mounting signs less than 2 square feet.

Left is the 1.12 post. Right is the 2 post.

Mounting Hardware

The depth of our 1.12# Steel U-Channel post as show above is 7/8”. The best length bolt is 1.5” and a ¼” diameter. We recommend the following for mounting a sign.

  • 2 each ¼ x 20 x 1.5” Hex Bolt Steel Zinc Plated
  • 2 each ¼” Flat Washer Steel Zinc Plated
  • 2 each ¼ x 20 Hex Nut Steel Zinc Plated

Other materials are available, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Brass

Vandal Resistant Hardware

Our two-piece aluminum rivets offer Vandal resistance due to the low-profile head. These also provide a faster means of assemble on the post using a hand rivet gun.

These rivets come as a set. One male and one female. You will need two sets per sign.