Vulcan H41 Bullet Cathodic Marker

Vulcan H41 Bullet Cathodic Marker

Vulcan Cathodic Protection is the trusted source when the risk of corrosion is evident. The H41 Bullet Cathodic Marker utilizes our screen printed bullet head top to conceal the test points of the Cathodic leads. This line marker provides the same "look" as an H41 Bullet Marker and thereby does not draw attention to its importance.

A specially fabricated board of polycarbonate is mounted inside the rigid HDPE marker post. Five brass terminals with double nuts are assembled to the board for attaching the wires. Leads can be routed up the tube making for easy attachment to the labeled board. Leads are not provided.

Vulcan Bullet Cathodic Marker 1
Vulcan Bullet Cathodic Marker 2

An advantage of this style Cathodic line marker is the structural integrity of the test board inside the marker in lieu of sitting on top of the marker and hence very susceptible to damage. Our innovative design provides a secure mounting place for the test board, which makes the H41 Bullet Cathodic Line Marker the ultimate choice for durability and longevity.

The bullet head and marker post are manufactured from specially formulated, UV protected HDPE with ultraviolet inhibitors, greatly increasing outdoor life expectancy. The bullet head is slipped over and attached to a marker post of the same or contrasting color. The HDPE marker post has an outside diameter of 3 1/2". Multiple anchor options are also available for this product to ensure maximum stability.

Vulcan Bullet Cathodic Marker 3
Vulcan Bullet Cathodic Marker 4
  • Bullet head colors include White, Yellow, Orange, Red and Blue. Custom colors available upon request.
  • Pipe colors include Yellow, Blue, White and Orange. Custom colors available upon request.
  • Standard lengths for this line marker are 6 ft. and 8 ft. with custom lengths also available.

Our marking products comply with the CFR-49-192.707 and CFR 49-195.410 requirements.

For more information on the Vulcan H41 Cathodic Test Station, refer to the specifications sheet on our Downloads page.