Vulcan Fleet Marking and Decals

Vulcan Fleet Marking and Decals

Vulcan Fleet Marking Decals

Vulcan Fleet Marking decals can provide a complete and consistent look for company vehicles. Whether your vehicles are decorated with just your company logo or an entire set of safety decals, Vulcan decals are the top choice for quality and durability. Our decals are screen printed using Color Matched Component Inks for maximum outdoor endurance and are sure to deliver a professional image. Various films and adhesion options are available and should be tailored to the specific application. Detailed installation instructions will be provided with each order. Call for a customized design today.

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  • Films
  • The most popular materials are:
  • Regular Vinyl an economical product with expected life of 3-5 years.
  • Premium Vinyl expected life of 7+ years.
  • Engineer Grade reflective sheeting for nighttime visibility.
  • High Performance exceptionally bright nighttime reflectivity.
  • Adhesives
  • The choices are:
  • High Tack for superior bonding to rough surfaces.
  • Positional when exact placement is required.
  • Removable for temporary markings, easy to remove.
  • Pigmented to cover up or hide information underneath.
  • Fleet Markings
  • Legends with pre-spaced copy
  • An excellent method for marking vehicles with company name, logo, or DOT numbers.
  • Also, decals on transparent film can be supplied. This material permits the vehicle's color to show through.
  • In addition, we can provide decals on magnetized rubber.
  • Special Services
  • We can provide:
  • Any size decals, die-cut shapes, and material colors
  • Scored liner for easy removal and decal application
  • Your company logo in any size
  • Graphic design service . . . describe your application and we will recommend the best product and design!
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Vulcan Decals

We can manufacture virtually any style, size or color decal using reflective sheeting, vinyl or magnetic material. The scored decal backing simplifies the application process.

Whether you need tank decals to identify tank location, name, product and capacity, or a set of overlay decals to complete a rebranding effort, Vulcan can customize any product to fit your needs.

For larger signs, we offer a thin gauge aluminum overlay that is much easier to install in the field than a large decal.

Required to sign your facility to comply with OSHA regulations? A combination of Vulcan Safety Signs and Decals can get your facility ready for any audit. Call us to start designing a customized package including NFPA and Hazardous Material Warning decals that will safely mark all potentially hazardous areas.