Vulcan Electronic Markers

Vulcan Electronic Markers

Omni Markerâ„¢ U.S. Patent 5,699,048 other patents pending.

Vulcan Electronic Omni Marker

Omni Markers are ordered by the case, with 24 to the case.

Vulcan Electronic Locator

The Omni Locator Wand is used to locate buried electronic locators

Use Omni Markers to mark and pinpoint locate:

  • Buried splices and load coils
  • Buried Service drops
  • Pipe ends/stub-outs
  • Conduit stubs
  • Road crossings
  • Cable paths
  • Fiber optic facilities
  • Manholes under pavement or grade changes
  • Snow-covered facilities
  • Survey points
  • Sewer points
  • Sewer taps
  • Repair points
  • Non-metallic lines

For more details on Vulcan's Electronic Markers / Omni Marker, download a copy of our catalog from the downloads page.