Vulcan Durable ID System

Vulcan Durable ID System

The versatile Durable ID System from Vulcan has numerous options to match your identification needs. These fit-for-purpose identifiers are made from 14 gauge stainless steel and are designed to be mounted securely to flanged fittings that exist on above ground pipe components such as valves, meters, filters, regulators, mile posts, etc. Identifiers are manufactured using 304 Stainless Steel for protection against corrosion. Two styles are available.

Two Styles Are Available:
Cut-Out Durable Identifier

Vulcan Cut-Out Durable Identifiers, which utilize laser cut characters in a stencil style font, do not need to be removed when periodic maintenance painting occurs. Simply paint these in the same manner as the pipe components or, for identifier contrast, cover identifiers while painting pipe.

Part Number # Of Characters
DID-12-CO Up To 2
DID-34-CO Up To 4
DID-56-CO Up To 6
Horizontal-Mount Cut-Out Identifier
(Tabs Off)

Horizontal-Mount Cut-Out Identifier (Tabs Off)

Enhanced Durable Identifier

The Enhanced Identifiers incorporate the use of outdoor durable reflective vinyl and customized messages to match up with operation manuals. Additional benefits of the Enhanced Identifiers include the reflectivity at nighttime, the use of different color combinations and the ability to add more verbiage. Color combinations include:

Vulcan Durable ID Systems 02
Part Number Identifier Size
DID-12-EN 3" x 3"
DID-34-EN 6" x 3"
DID-56-EN 9" x 3"
Vulcan Durable ID Systems 03

Horizontal-Mount Cut-Out Identifier (Tabs Off)


3-4 Digit Identifier

Vulcan Durable ID Systems 04
  • Bend-Point Slots: A series of precisely lasered slots allow bending of the face at the job site in order to affix the identifier in virtually any position.
  • Break-Point Slots: The forked end has additional laser slots that allow length reduction where a flange may interfere. Simply bend legs back and forth at break-point slots, until tab breaks off (pliers required).
Field Installation
  • Horizontal Attachmentis as easy as fitting the forked end around the bolt, adding another nut on the exposed end of the bolt, and tightening the nut. Where applicable, another option is to loosen an existing nut on the flange, fit the forked end around the bolt and re-tighten the nut.
  • Vertical Attachment involves bending the forked end of the identifier to a 90° angle, then fitting the forked end around the bolt and adding another nut on the exposed end of the bolt. Where applicable, another option is to loosen an existing nut on the flange, fit the forked end around the bolt and re-tightening the nut.
Vulcan Durable ID Systems 05

Horizontal-Mount Enhanced Identifier (Tabs Off)

Vulcan Cathodic Test Head 13

Vertical-Mount Enhanced Identifier with additional nut added (Tabs Off)

The mounting versatility provides the benefit of flexible configuration in the field and
the ability to securely attach each identifier at the correct location.

For more information on the Vulcan Durable I.D. System, refer to the specifications sheet on our downloads page.