Custom Products

Custom Products

Custom Products

We pride ourselves on customizing our products to fit each customer's specific needs. In some cases, this means altering an existing product or inventing a new one. We want our customers to be 100% satisfied with their products. If you have a specific need, don't be afraid to ask, we love a challenge!

Below are a few examples of how our innovative team has developed solutions to assist customers with improving their efficiency and operations.

The Helipad Project

The "Helipad Project" began as a request from Transcanada. They needed a way to imprint their logo on their helicopter landing pad, located on a platform in the Gulf of Mexico.

VUS Project image1.jpg

Vulcan Utility Signs provided a stencil, which became a low-cost solution. The finished product included a stencil that was 48" tall and 202" long!

The South Carolina Car Tag Project

The "South Carolina Car Tag Project" was a circumstance where a customer needed a unique car tag for specific vehicles in South Carolina. Vulcan Utility Signs' graphics and production departments collaborated to

VUS Project image2

design and manufacture the car tag to meet the customer's needs. VUS enjoyed the challenge and is very proud of the quality of the finished product!

The Marathon Fence Marker Project

The "Marathon Fence Marker Project" was initiated when Marathon needed a specific style line marker to mark one of their lines that ran near a stretch of privacy fencing. The marker had to fit on a single board of a privacy fence.

VUS Project image3

VUS overcame the problem by designing and manufacturing an aluminum line marker that is 3" wide by 21" long. This custom product provided the perfect solution for the company.

The EFV Tag Project

The "EFV Tag Project" resulted from a customer request for a durable tag that could be attached to their meter set indicating an EFV had been installed. With assistance from Vulcan Metal Stampings, a plan was developed to produce a solution meeting the customer's exact specifications. This process included blanking out the part from an extra wide aluminum coil stock in a 60-ton mechanical press.

VUS Project image4

We then packaged 50 of the metal tags with UV zip ties so that each service team can have a ready to use supply. The research and development of this project led to a cost effective solution for the customer.

The H22 Project

The "H22 Project" was the result of a customer who was unhappy with the durability of a marker he was currently using. Cows were using the marker as a "back scratcher," but the marker could not withstand this type of stress and had to be replaced regularly. The customer called us to find out if we had a solution.

VUS Project image5

A VUS customer service representative worked with the customer to design the H22 Marker. The design included a cylinder, manufactured using strong HDPE plastic, mounted on an existing U-Channel Post, which solved the customer's problem.

The Monument Overlay Project

The "Monument Overlay Project" originated when two customers of VUS required new messages on their existing monument signs. Both support structures were still in good condition, leading us to research and develop a way to replace only the message portion of the sign. A collaborative effort from the VUS sales and production teams led us to fabricate an aluminum overlay that could be fastened to the existing support.

VUS Project image6

The overlay provided a fit-for-purpose solution at a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire structure. Both customers were very satisfied with not only the quality of the sign, but the cost savings as well.

The Angle Post Project

The "Angle Post Project" began when the price of steel sky-rocketed to an all time high in 2007. This led VUS to research the development of an economic alternative to the higher priced steel U- Channel Post. With the help of Vulcan Metal Stampings, we developed the Galvanized Steel Angle Post. It is lightweight, weighing only 4 pounds, but still has more than enough strength for mounting smaller line marker signs. It is an ideal solution when the stoutness of a U-Channel Post is not needed. VUS customers preferred the cost savings that the Angle Post provided, as well as lower freight charges when compared to the U- Channel Post.

VUS Project image7
VUS Project image8

The Aerial Pointer Project

The "Aerial Pointer Project" developed when an Enterprise customer requested that we design and manufacture a directional marker prototype that would fit his exact needs in the field. Intrigued by the challenge, our team of engineers researched the best materials and fabrication techniques for the marker. The pointer pieces were laser cut using our in-house laser cutter and welded to the collar. The Aerial Pointers were then powyder-coated bright yellow for ultimate visibility in the field. The two pointers were then fastened to a high density polyethylene pipe. The customer was thrilled with the end result and has been very pleased with the durability of our marker compared to the previous one he was using.