Vulcan Cathodic Drivable Marker (Cathodic DRV)

Vulcan Cathodic Drivable Marker (Cathodic DRV)

Vulcan Cathodic Drivable Marker 2

The Cathodic DRV doubles as a line marker, providing exposed test points that are readily accessible. Immediate access means no wait time for the test head to thaw out in cold weather. The flexible fiberglass line marker comes assembled with two 12 AWG wires with 12' of wire extending from the marker. Additionally, the marker comes with a barb anchor installed.

Vulcan Cathodic Drivable Marker 3
  • Standard length = 66". Other lengths = 60", 72", and 78'. Custom lengths also available.
  • Colors available = Yellow, Red, White, Blue, Green and Orange. Custom colors also available.
  • Weight per foot = .58 pounds.
  • Fiberglass content = 65%.
  • Strongest flexible fiberglass marker available.
Vulcan Cathodic Drivable Marker 4
  • Vulcan's Drivable (DRV) Marker is a flexible fiberglass based composite marker developed to drive easily in all soil conditions.
  • Will not rust, rot or corrode.
  • Remains stable in temperatures from -300 to +1200 - will not embrittle in cold temperatures nor soften in heat.
  • Lower freight costs compared to steel post markers.
  • Contains the highest fiberglass content in its class.
  • Superior strength and easy to drive in soil.
  • Absorbs vehicular impacts and returns to original position.
  • Ultraviolet inhibitors provide long term product stability and color retention.
  • Never needs painting as color is the same throughout the marker.
  • Will survive controlled ditch burns which often melt or destroy plastic markers.
Vulcan Cathodic Drivable Marker 5
Vulcan Cathodic Drivable Marker 7

Vehicle Impact Resistant

Vulcan Cathodic Drivable Marker 6

VCustomize decals with your company logo and 811!

VF - 105 Installation Tool

Specifically designed for flexible fiberglass markers, this economical and convenient tool makes markers easy to install. A worker can install a marker in less than one minute.

Vulcan Cathodic Drivable Marker 8
Anchor Kit

Designed for anchoring flexible fiberglass line markers in loose, sandy or marsh type conditions. Flexible anchor barb collapses during installation and expands during attempted removal. A pop rivet is supplied to attach the anchor. Kits are supplied separately. When ordering, specify anchor kit

Our marking products comply with the CFR-49-192.707 and CFR 49-195.410 requirements.

For more information on the Vulcan Cathodic DRV, refer to the specifications sheet on our Downloads page.