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As part of our community participation, we work hand in hand with Ecumenical Ministries.

Throughout the year we have food drives where each plant is awarded a catered lunch for the most food items turned in. Ecumenical Ministries reached out to us for their needs. This time it was for funding to help those with a variety of needs over and above the food pantry. As you can imagine it is hard to ask everyone for money by passing a hat. Our Community group came up with a Pie-in-the-Face event. It went something like this.

The Setup

Senior management lined up in a row seated in chairs. Employees could buy 1 pie for $5 or 3 pies for $10. In good spirit of things the CEO recorded a short video challenging everyone that if he had 50 pies he would donate $100. He followed that up with $150 for 100 pies. No doubt his challenge got everyone across the campus fired up.

Two days before the event, the Senior VP recorded his challenge to everyone being 50 pies - $100 and 100 pies would be $200. This really got everyone excited. Two other General Managers broadcast they would put up $100 each if the SVP had over 150 pies.

Watch the video from our SVP here:

The big winner of this event was Ecumenical Ministries with $2875.00 raised!

The second winner was the SVP with 197 pies in his face, top & sides of his head.