Vulcan Work Zone Products

Vulcan Work Zone Products

Vulcan Mesh Sign

Mesh Signs

  • For daytime and temporary use.
  • Made from heavy duty, bright orange nylon mesh or choose reflective vinyl for maximum nighttime visibility.
  • Our reflective roll-up signs include a heavy duty frame (ribs) and plastic corner pockets. Most standard MUTCD messages are available without any minimum or set up charge.
  • Lightweight and compact for ease of handling.
  • Require little space for storage when rolled up.

V11 Tripod Stand

Heavy duty, galvanized steel tripod stand with fold up legs. Will accommodate 30", 36" and 48" mesh or metal signs. The stand has holders for three flags (flags not included).

Vulcan Work V11 Tripod Stand

The most frequently ordered messages are shown below. Custom messages also available.

MUTCD Description 36" Dia PN 48" Dia PN
W21-4a UTILITY WORK AHEAD 1100021 1100022
W21-1B MEN WORKING 1100017 1100018
W21-4r ROAD WORK AHEAD 1100019 1100020
W20-7a Flagger Symbol 1100015 1100016


Ribs sold in sets of two. Two ribs needed per sign.

Ribs for 36" 1150074
Ribs for 48" 1150080


Plastic barricades are manufactured with high density plastic and designed to have less damage than traditional barricades during vehicular impacts. Traditional steel leg barricades with plywood panels are also available.

All Plastic Barricades :

  • Can be internally ballasted with sand
  • Are shipped with free funnels
  • Are manufactured with light adapters

Options Include :

  • Name stenciled on bottom panel
  • High performance reflective sheeting
  • Sign Sleeve
  • Colors include - White, Orange or Yellow
Vulcan Traffic Cones

Traffic Cones

  • Bright fluorescent orange
  • Designed for nested storage
  • 100% poly vinyl chloride (PVC) flexible
  • Solid color is impregnated - not painted
  • Base is weighted
  • Name can be permanently molded or screened
  • Slim line cones available

For more details on Vulcan's Work Zone Products, download a copy of our catalog from the Downloads page