Vulcan Aerial Markers

Vulcan Aerial Markers

Vulcan Aerial Markers

Vulcan's Aerial Marking Systems are specifically designed to aid in the locating and direction of distribution and transmission pipeline systems. Often these lines can be damaged due to construction activities, logging operations or acts of nature, causing third party damage to the pipeline.

Choosing a Vulcan Aerial Marking System maximizes the visibility of these pipelines or cable routes, increasing the speed and efficiency in which the damage will be found and repaired.

Vulcan offers two styles of Aerial Marking Systems... Bent and Frame. The Bent Style is an option that is unique to Vulcan. It was developed by our innovative team as a cost effective alternative to the Frame Style Marker.

Bent Style

Vulcan's Bent Style Aerial Markers were developed to combine strength, durability and efficiency in a compact design that is unique to Vulcan. One of the benefits of this innovative design is the ability of these markers to nest when shipped. The Bent Style Aerial Marker is fabricated from .100" thick highway grade aluminum, which gives this smart yet simple design, a tough exterior, ensuring its durability in the harshest conditions. After fabrication, the sides are bent to 45°.

Vulcan Aerial Markers 2

This style utilizes the same type of Aerial Plates as the Frame Style, but it has been engineered for fast assembly and simple installation. Because wind forces tend to concentrate at the center of fixed objects, this unit's design minimizes wind loads on the support. Since the assembly is open at both the top and bottom, concealed areas are unavailable for nesting insects. This style also offers easy stacking for shipping and storage. A complete assembly is supplied. The Bent Style Aerial Marker is typically mounted on a round or a U-Channel post.

Added Advantages of Bent Style over Frame Style Markers

The Bent Style allows its members to nest on each other which creates several advantages over the Frame Style Marker including :

  • Less storage room prior to installation.
  • More markers can fit into a work truck, saving return trips.
  • The Aerial Plates, which create the head, can be installed on the Bent Style prior to going into the field. Aerial marker heads will also nest after the plates have been installed.
  • Considerable freight savings over the Frame Style Marker due to shipping by weight rather than by volume/density. Frame Style Aerial Markers' freight cost is 4 to 5 times more than Bent Style.
Vulcan Aerial Markers 1 Aerial Markers Packed For Shipping - 50 Bent Style vs. 50 Frame Style

To learn more about Vulcan's Bent Style Aerial Markers, refer to the specification sheet for Vulcan Bent Style Aerial Markers on our downloads page.

Vulcan Aerial Markers 4.2

Frame Style

Vulcan's Frame Style Aerial Markers are the original industry standard. They provide flexibility with custom sizing for various plate messages, allowing for easy field installation. Numerous mounting options are available and frame material choices include aluminum and steel. The traditional Frame Style Aerial Marker is fabricated from 1" and 1 1/2" x 1/8" aluminum angle and welded. All hardware is provided for quick and easy installation. Vulcan also offers these frames in hot-rolled steel, which are hot-dipped galvanized after fabrication.

Vulcan Aerial Markers 3.2

There are many mounting options including round pipe, wood post, U-Channel post, or we can design a mount based on your specific needs.

Vulcan Aerial Markers 6 Hot-Rolled Steel Aerial Frames Available

To learn more about Vulcan's Frame Style Aerial Markers, refer to the specification sheet for Vulcan Frame Style Aerial Markers on our downloads page.

Aerial Plates

Most popular sizes aerial plates are 8x16 and 12x16. Custom sizes are available upon request.

Sizes for the Bent Style are the same as standard Frame Style plates except the mounting holes are positioned to attach to a bent member.

Aerial plate size is based on altitude of flight and terrain, which can be best determined by aerial patrols. After resolving plate size, select a mounting method (round post, u-channel post, etc.) Finally, verify the frequency of the markers - every mile, two miles, etc. From this information we can provide a price list including all components.

Vulcan's Aerial Plates are screen printed using our superior Color Matched Component Ink System for ultimate durability.

Vulcan Aerial Markers 5

For more information on plate sizes and hole punching specifications, refer to the specification sheet for either the Vulcan Bent Style Aerial Marker or the Vulcan Frame Style Aerial Marker on our downloads page.